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MISSION: We are committed to delivering exceptional, practical and customized engineering services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We build relationships that are based on trust and adapted to our clients’ specific needs.

OBJECTIVE: We are an operationally efficient and professional engineering firm that proactively drives client projects to results that are beyond their expectations and always within budget. Ultimately, our goal is to help clients improve or enhance their buildings with best-in-class engineering services while building long lasting relationships.

APPROACH: We are focused on our clients’ challenges and provide a tailored hands-on approach with a focus on creative and innovative solutions. Through our customized, client focused approach, we serve building owners and managers with informed decisions that deliver optimal sustainable results.


We solve client problems.


Our clients say that “ABG Engineering Inc is an exceptional company to work with” and “They are responsive, reliable and very knowledgeable…and are very practical to work with.”

VALUES: All that we do centers on our clients needs. Our client relationships are built on trust and integrity that can measured through our results and level of client satisfaction. We are honest! We provide our clients with objective findings that may not be the popular choice. We are straight forward and approach every client with respect. Confidentiality is critical in our communication with our clients as is our adherence to a Code of Ethics that highlights our clients needs above all. We consider our success to be measured through our clients’ success.

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